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Active Holidays in Soomaa National Park
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We offer to you nature experiences and various activity holidays in the Soomaa National Park. We have organized canoeing tours since 1993, when the Soomaa National Park was created in order to protect the biggest bogs, winding rivers and old forests in Estonia. You are welcome either alone, with a family or a big group!

The best way to get acquainted with Soomaa is to take a canoe trip. You can rent the canoe for 1-2 hours or many days. Canoeing season lasts from April until October. There are five seasons in Soomaa ľ spring, summer, autumn, winter and high-water season. Canoeing on the flooded area is an adventurous experience, floods are common in the end of March or at the beginning of April.
Guided trip on a traditional dugout canoes is an exclusive way of paddling,  log-boat building camps are organized in summer.

Bog walks can be undertaken in the area, alkways on wooden boards give visitors the opportunity to observe the special flora and fauna of the deep peat bogs.

In winter, when the whole wetland is frozen, we organize snowshoe tours over the frozen bogs and in the case of snow also cross-country skiing trips. The bogs and rivers of Soomaa become covered by ice in winter. This is the time for ice fishing,  another popular winter activity.

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Canoe/Log Boat trip in Soomaa national park, Estonia 17may 2006 (Author: Enn Soodla)
Canoe/Log Boat trip in Soomaa national park, Estonia 29may 2006 (Author: Jaen Soer)
canoe trip in Soomaa national park, Estonia (Author: Ave Vill)
canoe trip in Soomaa national park, Estonia (Author: Aivar Ruukel)
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