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dugout canoe building workshops in 2009
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Dugout is an ancient vessel type carved out of a single tree trunk. Boats with the same construction principles have been used in many places all over the world for thousand of years. Even now in the 21. century the dugout culture has survived among many indigenous people, in Estonia the region where local farmers have persistently used dugouts in their everyday life is in Soomaa – a region famous for its pristine nature, enormous flood seasons and Soomaa National Park. In the heart of Soomaa in Karuskose Wilderness Hostel and Canoe Center you can study the finno-ugric dugout indepth and participate in the practical dugout building workshops yourself.

Book your place at Dugout Canoe workshop here!

1. day – Sunday. We will gather in the afternoon in Karuskose Wilderness Hostel. Introduction to dugout building course and supper. A late night trip to the marshland.
2. day – Monday. Practical building in the morning, after lunch a trip to the forest, we’ll learn how to pick a decent tree for a dugout. In the evening a film program about dugout building among indigenous people.
3. day – Tuesday. Until lunch practical dugout building. A canoe trip on Raudna river after lunch.
4. day – Wednesday. Practical dugout building before and after lunch. In the evening traditional smoke sauna.
5. day – Thursday. Breakfast and departure.

See David Lloyds pictures from 2008 workshop on Facebook. And look Aivar Ruukels pictures from Dugout Canoe camp on Flickr.

Dates in 2009: 16-20 of August
Location: Basecamp Karuskose and Canoe Center

Camp leader: Aivar Ruukel
Language of the event: Estonian and English
Price: 3900.- EEK.- / 250.- EUR per person
Includes: dugout instructions, trips, sauna, accommodation in Basecamp Karuskose, food (4 breakfasts, 3 lunches, 4 suppers).
To take with you: Appropriate clothes, boots.

On prior agreement similar camps can be organized on other times as well, also other programs according to the wishes of the group in English, Finnish, Swedish, German and Russian.

Additional information:  Aivar Ruukel
                                        +372 50 61 896 

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Paddling dugout canoe on Raudna river, Soomaa national park
Log-boat race on Rärnu River, Soomaa national park
Log-boat building of aspen tree, Karuskose , Soomaa National Park
Carving a haabjas - Estonian dugout canoe, Soomaa National Park
Expanding a dugout canoe with help of fire, Soomaa National Park
Expanded log-boat, Soomaa National Park
Hansapäevad Tartus 2006. (Autor: Jaen Soer)
Hansapäevad Tartus 2006. (Autor: Jaen Soer)
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