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Log Boat Holidays
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Join a 5-days Log-boat Building Camp or 1-day programm including paddling dugout canoe

The Finno-Ugric one-log boat or haabjas in Estonian is probably the world’s oldest boat type and the forefather of modern plank boat. Haabjas was used as a fishing and a transport vessel already during the stone age – they were used by our forefathers already when they were on their way towards the present territory of Estonia. Dugout is a long and narrow vessel carved out of a single log. Well-built dugouts were light, which enabled them to be carried over natural obstacles between bodies of water. In Estonia traditional dugout building has survived in the regions famous for their great floods – around Matsalu Bay, in Võnnu parish at the mouth of Ahja River, and in Sooma National Park on the lower reaches of the many tributaries of Pärnu river. Estonia also happens to be the westernmost area of dugout boats.

By today Soomaa has developed into a center for builiding and maintaining the traditions of these ancient boats in Estonia. Guests are welcome to come and educate themselves about the history and construction of these ancient vessels, participate in the practical building camps and make forays into the pristine nature of Soomaa National Park on these prehistoric vessels.

We offer longer and shorter log boat holidays. In the group there should be maximum 15 persons.

Price, that includes guide:

Minimal price: 200 EUR, price per person 50 EUR

Self-guided canoeing trip’s price: Minimal price: 80 EUR, price per person: 40 EUR

Book here!

Dugout Building Camp
Experience Soomaa by Haabjas

Log-boat trip in Soomaa national park, Estonia 17may 2006 (Author: Enn Soodla)
Log-boat trip in Soomaa national park, Estonia 17may 2006 (Author: Enn Soodla)
Log-boat trip in Soomaa national park, Estonia 17may 2006 (Author: Enn Soodla)
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