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Cross-country skiing
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The bogs and rivers of Soomaa become covered by ice in winter. This is the time when the bog islands and marginal bog areas inaccessible in summer can be visited. Animal tracks can be easily observed on the snow. The diversified landscapes of Soomaa offer wonderful habitat to all creatures great and small. Elks are quite common and have survived through low periods in local mires. The wild boar and roe deer have never become abundant, since their success is closely related to that of the wolf and lynx who feel at home in the area.

The guided cross-country skiing trips will take you to mires, forests and floodplains.  You should wear warm clothes and good hiking boots.

Price of guided cross-country skiing: 24 EUR per person.
Minimum price is 140 EUR.
Maximal size of the group is 30 persons.
The price includes a little meal (tea and sandwich), in case of wish, there is a chance to order lunch. Ask for offering.

More information and registration on phone: +372 5061896 (Aivar) or e-mail:

NB! If you are a independent traveller, who donít have own company to come to the cross-country skiing trip, there is an opportunity to join to regular trips. Apprise us about your wish:

After the trip, it is enjoyable to whisk oneself in sauna and to feel yourself good in hot tub.

Winter-Day in Soomaa National Park

Book here!

Winter-Day in Soomaa National Park

Bog hiking in Soomaa national park, Estonia
Bog hiking in Soomaa national park, Estonia
Bog hiking in Soomaa national park, Estonia
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